2017 roaming program THE THEORY OF LEAVES + OPEN CALL
2017 roaming program of artistic research + OPEN CALL



"Si sta come / d'autunno / sugli alberi / le foglie"
It's like being / in the autumn / on the trees / the leaves
Soldati / Soldiers, 1918
Giuseppe Ungaretti

With Emma's artist fellows 2017 Beatriz Olabarrieta, Belén Zahera and Jacopo Miliani, philosopher and author of the book La vie des plantes Emanuele Coccia, artist and filmmaker Laura Huertas Millan, curator and semiotician Sara Giannini, curators Gregory Castera, Markéta Stará Condeixa, Gema Melgar and Martina Angelotti
In collaboration with Santa Zita Institute (Ancona, IT), Matadero Madrid (Madrid), Syntax (Lisbon) and Careof (Milan)
Curated by Veronica Valentini and organised by Emma

Emma is a non-profit organisation founded in Spain in 2016 from the desire to support and share artistic knowledge production and practice by creating learning and residential opportunities for artists and other cultural producers through diverse forms of presence such collective gatherings and presentations.
Emma works as a self-organised collaborative and curatorial initiative and operates on a national and international scale starting the annual agenda with an encounter among an ensemble of guests temporally gathered in picked venues. Context (hosting structure and territory) and content (common studies) are taken into account for the construction of the meaning of the encounter itself whose outcomes will inform the program of residencies and exhibitions that has to come elsewhere. A publication with the contributions of all participants will complete the ongoing exploration.
Emma and the annual roaming program of artistic research is conceived and curated by Veronica Valentini and developed & co-produced in partnership with a multiplicity of associates (individuals, nonprofits and institutions) coming from various areas of society aiming to support artistic practice during the project and production phases.

OPEN CALL for participants at the four-days program at Santa Zita Institute
Offagna (Ancona, IT)
16-20th July

This year Emma will launch in an old monastery in central Italy THE THEORY OF LEAVES, a four-days program dressed as a practice of learning from each other and thinking together. As described in "La vie des plantes" by Emanuele Coccia, the encounter's title suggests to look at the plants as model for collaboration among human and non-human spheres able to generate a system in which mutual influences define the climate within it. In virtue of this disposition, during four days the ensemble will cohabit in the same place rhythming time through a daily program of demonstration, self-fiction and speculation, connecting artistic and philosophical issues to affective, social and cultural dimensions and using it as an initiatory preamble to imagine scenarios collectively.

Emma gives the opportunity to other artists to join the inaugural meeting free of charge offering up to five fully funded grants that cover daily meals and accommodation as well a maximum of 250€ to reimburse travel expenses. If you wish "to learn & to think crowding-together" please send at coucou@e-m-m-a.org before 28th May a cv, a portfolio and a reply (500 words max) to the following question: "What 'moves' you?". The applicants will be discussed by Emma's associates by end of May and the selected candidates will be invited to participate at "Emma 2017: THE THEORY OF LEAVES" beginning of June and asked to do a presentation of their work during the four-days program.

↖ Jacopo Miliani, A slow dance without name, 2016 Courtesy: Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisbon Performer: António Torres. Photo: Bruno Lopes
↖ Belen Zahera, Fungi 2013 - present - Series. Sections of wooden frames reassembled.
↖ Beatriz Olabarrieta, Dumb Bells, Saturdays Live, Serpentine Galleries, London, 2016

Surface matters Exhibition with Carlos Fernandez-Pello, Camille Tsvetoukhine and Monica Restrepo at Glassbox, Paris

CHEZ EMMA 2016 roving program of artistic research