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Emma is an independent and idealistic project (Aquarius Sun) that engages with all that lies beneath the surface. Emma goes for the depth of things, revealing that which is normally kept secret in order to bring forth transformation (Sun in the 8th house).

Emma is quick in taking initiatives, the more unconventional the better (Uranus 10th house in Aries). Taking risks is not a problem, rather it is a pleasure. Emma’s project are vital, powerful and oriented towards the people, who easily feel compelled by them (Mars/Moon conjunction in 4th House in Scorpio). With a Cancer Ascendant, Emma appears as caring and nourishing and is able to create a comfortable environment for others.

Yet there is a tension between what Emma needs and what Emma wants (Sun square Moon/Mars). The project can easily feel pulled in different directions by its own diverging ambitions. In fact, Emma has to negotiate its strong passions and desire for originality and success with its need to care for others while reaching ever further depths.

Fortunately Emma is a charming and convincing communicator, even when meddling with those depths. Emma is capable of enough consistent and hard work to be taken seriously in all her expressions. (Mercury/Venus/Pluto conjunction on Descendant in Capricorn)
This inner sense of authority often puts Emma in the midst of debates, pushing the boundaries and sometimes the patience of others just for the pleasure of thinking and experimenting, or sometimes just for playing Devil’s advocate.

Emma has the potential to manifest philosophical ideals in very practical ways (MC in Pisces) and it can do so by rooting itself in the construction of a detailed architecture that could be called home. (North Nod/Jupiter conjunction in 4th house in Virgo). Emma learns the most by being of service to other people, in ever expansive ways (Saturn in the 6th House in Sagittarius).

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