Beatriz Olabarrieta Artist fellow 2017

Belen Zahera Artist fellow 2017

Jacopo Miliani Artist fellow 2017

Antonio Contador Guest artist 2017

Eli Cortiñas Guest artist 2017

Valentina Desideri "On-site" guest artist 2016

Carlos Fernández-Pello Artist fellow 2016

Sara Giannini Invited curator and semiotician

Laura Huertas Millán Invited artist 2017

Grégory Castéra Invited curator

Markéta Stará Condeixa Invited curator and project partner 2017

Martina Angelotti Invited curator and project partner 2017

Emanuele Coccia Invited philosopher

Tobias Kaspar Guest artist 2017

Nika Kupyrova Guest artist 2017

Rafaela Lopez Invited artist 2016

Gema Melgar Invited curator and project partner 2016 & 2017

Temra Pavlovic Guest artist 2017

Mónica Restrepo Artist fellow 2016

Borbála Soós Guest curator 2017

Camille Tsvetoukhine Artist fellow 2016

Veronica Valentini Curator and director at Emma

Vincent Verlé Invited curator

Camille Videcoq Invited curator

Emma is a self-organised collaborative and curatorial organisation for artistic and cultural practices that encourages dialogue and exploration in the arts through diverse forms of presence.
Head of Program: Veronica Valentini ~ Info: