Temra Pavlovic
Guest artist 2017

Temra Pavlovic (Utrecht, NL) is an artist currently living in Amsterdam. She works with the primacy of sound and image in videos and collage, sculpture, and installation, to which writing serves as an appendix. The subjective and the theoretical can meet in the descriptive and propositive notions of art. She received her degree in Film/Video from CalArts in 2012 and is member of working group Oa4s (On all fours), initiated in Mexico City and active since 2013. Oa4s works with activated exhibitions, where sculptural and multi-media installation facilitate a sense of performance that morphs objects into props and devices. Temra’s work has been screened and exhibited in different contexts such as Les Rencontres Internationales in Paris, 1857 in Oslo, and Chin’s Push in Los Angeles. Upcoming solo exhibition include at Lodos in Mexico City, MX.

Gema Melgar Invited curator and project partner 2016 & 2017