Veronica Valentini
Curator and director at Emma

Veronica Valentini is a curator based in Barcelona. She directs Emma (2016) and co-directs BAR project (2013), two self-organised curatorial organizations that considers tools for thought and imagination, one roving internationally and the other based in Barcelona. She is also co-directing BAR TOOL (2017), a practice-based training program for visual arts and non-arts related practices in which she develops Huddle Formation an informal learning project on radical sociability. She is Mediator of "Nouveaux Commanditaires-Citizen Art Spain Program" of the Foundation Daniel & Nina Carasso (Madrid) and member of artistic committee 2017-2020 at Mécène du Sud (FR).
Her work is based on forming groups of learning, production and research around artistic knowledge as a procedure and in curating as a technique solved in various formats. Valentini’s area of interest lies in collaborative, collective, institutional and feminist practices, and forms of subjectivity and production of arts practitioners in a globalized world.
Selected upcoming and recent projects and exhibitions include: DO. The method, Plataforma Revolver (Lisbon), Theory of Leaves, Santa Zita Institute, Ancona; Huddle Formation, within BAR TOOL practice-based training program, Barcelona; Making Public Program (BAR International Symposium), Barcelona; A spoken archive. With or without you, Matadero, Madrid; The Right to Be Unhappy, Institut Français and Tapies Foundation, Barcelona; The encounter as exhibition, Fine Art school, Brest; Porque no aqui ?/Tres casas y un bar, SOMA, Mexico DF; She Finds Fulfilment While Going Her Own Way, Le Quartier art center, Quimper; The air was full of anticipation, BF15, Lyon; On Ambiguity and Other Forms to Play With (2nd CAFAM Biennal), Museum of contemporary art CAFA, Beijing; SI-Sindrome Italiana, Le MAGASIN-CNAC, Grenoble.
Image caption: Laurent Duthion, Formes secondaires, 2015. Video of astyanax mexicanus in an aquarium. Photo rights reserved.

Gema Melgar Invited curator and project partner 2016 & 2017